Thursday, March 16, 2023

MidJourney Version 5 is Out!

Versions: MidJourney Versions - MidJourney

Magazine: MidJourney Magazine - MidJourney

Out of nowhere, it seems, MidJourney Version 5 is here! Even though Version 4 was only a few months old, Version 5 is now available for users.

The announcement was subtle and was on MidJourney's twitter:

MidJourney has also created a new magazine:

To use the new version, use the first link, "Versions." Here is an example that could help you. Once in MidJourney's Discord, and on an image-generating server, you can set your defaults. Type /settings and this will come up:

Click on what you want to set as your personal defaults. To set Version 5 as your default, click on that. Alternately, you can key --v 5 somewhere in your prompt every time you create an image.

To see information on the new MidJourney Magazine, click the second link, "Magazine."

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