Friday, September 13, 2013

"Rush" Film Review!

Trailer: "Rush" Featurette - Universal Pictures

SPOILERS: This featurette, and the trailers, have quite a few spoilers! I recommend seeing the film without seeing the plot details ahead of time.

Excellent race film! But, much more than that, a great portrait of two very determined men, driven by their goals, and by their rivalry. Ron Howard directs, and has clearly excelled with docudramas, and does so again here, as he did with "Apollo 13." The acting, directing, script (by the excellent Peter Morgan), cinematography and film score are all right on the money! This isn't just for race fans (although I am one!). It is for anyone who is captivated by excellent drama and action. Ron Howard has pulled off a great film, and should be commended!

I recommend that you see the film in a good auditorium! The widescreen (Cinemascope) images are great! And, seeing the action on a nice screen will properly immerse you in the experience.

"Rush" will be released on September 27.

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Saturday, September 7, 2013

“Sacro Gra” Wins Golden Lion at Venice!

Review: Sacro Gra - Variety
Trailer: Sacro Gra - (It's in Italian!)

A unique Italian documentary, “Sacro Gra,” has won the Golden Lion Award at the Venice Film Festival today. The film chronicles those living along Rome's circle highway. Above is the review from Variety and the trailer.

The Silver Lion Award for directing was awarded to Alexandros Avranas for his Greek film “Miss Violence.” The Grand Jury Prize went to Taiwan’s “Stray Dogs.”

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Friday, September 6, 2013

New "Robocop" Trailer!

Trailer: Robocop - Columbia Pictures

The new remake of "Robocop" is now scheduled for 2014 The new trailer is out!

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William Friedkin Gets Awarded in Venice

Story: William Friedkin Interview - The Guardian

William Friedkin has had a busy and storied career! At this year's Venice Film Festival, he has been awarded wtih a career achievement award. And, his own most-favorite film, 1977's atmospheric "Sorcerer" has been restored and will be shown.

I personally love the film, it is very exciting in its complete dedication to showing the plight of four lost men as they make a desperate attempt to deliver nitroglycerin through an unforgiving jungle climate.

The film is to be released relatively soon on Blu-ray, which should be very sweet! Up till now, it's only been available in pan-and-scan 4:3 ration on VHS and DVD. I highly recommend giving the film a chance!

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Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Galaxy Note 3 and Gear Watch Unpacked!

Galaxy Note 3: First Impressions -
Galaxy Gear: First Impressions -

Samsung has announced the new Galaxy Note 3 phone and the Galaxy Gear watch in Berlin. Read cnet's first impressions via the links above!

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Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Unpacking!

Article: Samsung Unpacked at IFA 2013 - Live -

In less than an hour, the new Samsung Galaxy Note 3 will be "unpacked" at the appropriately-named Samsung Unpacked in Berlin! Click the link above for the cnet webcast.

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New Phones!

Article: A Phone for Giants -

Lots of action-packed news as new phones are being released today at the Berlin IFA Tech Show! First up, a 2014 Edition of the ASUS 7" FonePad!

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