Tuesday, June 11, 2024

Mickey Mouse Horror Film Will Star "Terrifier" Actor

Article: Terrifier Star Sets Sail as Steamboat Willie in Disney-Inspired Horror Film Screamboat - MovieWeb

"Terrifier" star David Howard Thornton will play the lead in a new horror spoof based on Mickey Mouse of his "Steamboat Willie" era. The film will be called "Screamboat" and will be out next year. The producers are the same ones behind "Terrifier" and the Grinch horror spoof "The Mean One."

All of this is possbile because 100 years has passed since Mickey Mouse's debut in "Steamboat Willie," so the copyright has run out. This has allowed filmmakers to do whatever they want with that specific incarnation of Mickey Mouse. But that incarnation only. The rest of Mickey's appearances are still under active copyright and can't be touched. For now.

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