Saturday, July 16, 2016

Star Wars Celebration LIVE Day 2


Video: Star Wars Channel - YouTube

It's Day 2 of Star Wars Celebration, the yearly official Star Wars convention. This year, it's in Britain. I was about to say Europe. But, after #Brexit, I guess that isn't the case anymore! Anyway, because it's over there, it is five or more hours ahead of the United States. So, the panels start at 6 a.m. Eastern Time.

What has been weird is that this year's panels, etc. have not been archived. And, the YouTube live feed for each day disappears after the day's coverage is over.

This year's convention seems to be much lighter on content than last year's. Mark Hamill showed up for a Q&A, all by himself, no moderator or anything. Odd. And, he could say nothing about "Episode VIII," which for me is by far the reason why I would want to watch a Star Wars Celebration.

So, without "Episode VIII," what's left? "Rogue One." And, that's fine. The panel was good, with Captain Phasma herself, Gwendolyn Christie, moderating. But, what was odd was the handling, or mishandling, of what was strongly rumored to be Trailer 2 for the new movie. We didn't get it. Instead, we got what the film industry calls a "sizzle reel," behind-the-scenes footage, etc. from the movie. But, no dramatic trailer. What happened there? Producer Kathleen Kennedy herself didn't know what to call it. It wasn't a "trailer." So, she just used the industry jargon "sizzle reel."

Most of the three days, you need to be a fan of "Star Wars Rebels" and other non-theatrical projects to get that much out of the convention. Anyone else isn't going to get too much from it, unfortunately.

Here is the live streaming schedule.

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