Monday, February 29, 2016

Classical Music - Best Places to Listen Online!

One of my great loves is Classical Music! The Internet has brought a great deal of classical music to those who love it. Here are my suggestions as to where to find the best Classical Music resources online!

 • NRK Klassisk

This radio station is from NRK, the national radio network of Norway. They have a number of different stations. I listen to their classical station, NRK Klassisk. If you are on Google Chrome, you will be automatically prompted if you would like to translate the station's page. Click yes, and you will see the current selections playing, with the current selection highlighted.

 • Spotify Classical

Spotify, as you probably know, is a streaming music service. They have a variety of genres available, including Classical. There are a number of symphony orchestras that have concerts and albums available on Spotify. Those include: Wiener Philharmoniker, London Symphony Orchestra and New York Philharmonic. When you listen with their Free option, you get 160 kbps streaming. When you use their Paid option, you get 320 kbps streaming.

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