Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Cassettes Are Back!

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Vinyl has been making a massive resurgence! And now, cassettes are joining them!

I have two copies of a classic JVC boombox that has a very good cassette recorder. So, doing cassettes is pretty easy for me. I know that it isn't for a lot of people, which is perfectly cool. But, if you do have the right equipment, the rest has become a lot easier to do!

I have bought a number of vintage blank cassettes, plus a number of pre-recorded cassettes. The blanks have worked really well! The pre-recorded ones have definitely shown their age. The sound quality on most of them has clearly degraded. The ones on better tape, Chromium Dioxide (Cr02), are clearly better! But, listening to music on cassette mostly means making your own cassettes. After all, that's what's most legendary about cassettes: making your own mixtapes. So, that's what people who love cassettes most would be wanting to do, anyway!

Having a good cassette recorder is the first step. But, having good blank cassettes is the second step. And, you can still do that with National Audio Company (NAC). They make both regular bias and CrO2 blank cassettes. They also make pre-recorded cassettes for companies like Sony. You can order the higher-bias cassettes for just over $4 US a piece.

If you love classic tech and classic tunes, try out cassettes! And, have fun!

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