Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Restaurant Review - Chili's - Olive Branch, MS

Location: 7910 Craft Goodman Frontage Rd, Olive Branch, MS 38654

Dinner Disaster!

This Chili's is in real need of leadership, and in need of structure. While some of the servers seemed to be okay, mine wasn't! Just a guy who seemed lost, didn't know the menu at all, and didn't know how to put an order into the kitchen.

It took one very extensive hour to get food, and it wasn't good when it arrived! The steak was overdone, the potatoes cold, and the broccoli seriously wilted. It took a while to get a manager, in this case, April. When she did arrive, I was able to get replacements for the potatoes and the broccoli.

The server had said that our ticket wasn't entered by the kitchen, but I am pretty sure it was by him. After the meal was finally over, I tried to get the manager again, but had to wait 15 or more minutes. When she did arrive, she comped the meal, and had said that she meant that earlier when she said she would "take care of it." I had thought she meant that she would take care of fixing the meal, not the check.

It was good that she did, but it was certainly too late! The food was okay when the right version came, but certainly not until then. And, this wasn't a day where I was in the mood for thoroughly bad service and mediocre food.


Rating: 1 / 5 (1 Out of 5 Stars)

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