Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Kik Messenger Tokens on Sale

Official Site: Kin - Kik Messenger

Article: Messaging App Kik Opens Registration for Its Token Sale - Observer.com

Article: Messaging App Kik Bets on Teenagers to Take Cryptocurrency Mainstream - Observer.com

I am still getting used to cryptocurrency! Hey, I've only been researching it for about 10 days now! But, one of the more interesting aspects is the world of ICO's, Initial Coin Exchanges. These are the crypto versions of the stock market's IPO's, Initial Public Offerings.

In this case, companies are offering tokens to the public for the first time. These tokens can later be converted to cryptocurrency. Kin is an Ethereum token being offered by Kik, the Canadian company that runs the messaging app.

Registration closed this past Saturday, September 9. I missed it, so I will have to watch from the sidelines. It should be interesting to see how it goes! There are other ICO's currently going. The most prominent are KickICO, which concerns ICO's themselves, and Social, based in Social Media.

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