Wednesday, May 17, 2017

"Star Wars: Episode II" at 15

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"Star Wars: Episode II" is perhaps the most vilified "Star Wars" film of all time! Regardless, it celebrated its 15th Anniversary yesterday. So, it's time to look back on it.

Even if others hate it, I like it! And, I would much rather watch "Episode II" again than "Force Awakens."

2015's "Episode VII" was basically a rehash of the original "Star Wars." But, "Episode II" had George Lucas behind it, and while the dialogue was troubled, and the acting too stiff, I still think the movie has tons of great stuff! The epic light-saber duel between Anakin, Darth and Yoda. The arena battle, the crazy monsters, all of it! To me, easily better, and much more watchable than Abrams' warmed-over recent installment.

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