Wednesday, October 21, 2015

"Spectre" - First Review

Review: "Spectre" Review - Variety

Review: "Spectre" Review - The Hollywood Reporter

Variety and The Hollywood Reporter review the newest James Bond adventure! Variety sees this film as more breathless and workmanlike than "Skyfall," but still entertaining.

I am going against the grain in saying I LOVED "Casino Royale," and actually really liked "Quantum of Solace." Marc Forster did great in QoS adding artistic touches, even though he got a bit crazy with the rapid-fire editing of action sequences. But, "Skyfall" did nothing for me, save the great opening sequence. Just way too serious for me, and the desatured color stuff drives me nuts. Sounds like more of the same this time around. Can't these movies just be a little bit fun? Even the upcoming "Force Awakens" has everyone depressed and moping around.

"Spectre" opens November 16.

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