Thursday, January 30, 2014

Netflix: Improvements Requested!

It is very good technologically! There is "Super HD," which I guess is somehow better than HD. :-)

And, I got Netflix to connect to Facebook. I guess that's the only official way to get your Netflix list onto social media, unless you do it yourself.

I have found lots of good documentaries. And, there are good series, like "Sherlock," "Poirot" and "Miss Marple."

But, movie wise, I personally am pretty much out of luck! Yes, you can get positively awful Direct-to-Video dreck like "Stranded" with Christian Slater, directed by the guy who did "Battlefield Earth!"

If I want to see "The Towering Inferno," or whatever, I am out of luck. My guess is that Netflix gets the cheapest content they can, and throw in a few high-profile releases to get people to stay on.

I would rather pay $10/month and get better stuff. Because, the way it is now, once I've gone through my documentary and mystery TV titles, I will be done.

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