Friday, November 14, 2014

Orion Launch Event at Johnson Space Center!

Mission Page: NASA Orion - NASA

Flight Test 1 Fact Sheet: (from Johnson Space Center) - NASA

JSC Home: Johnson Space Center - NASA

Yes! I have been selected to go to Johnson Space Center on December 3 & 4 for the briefing and viewing of the historic Orion Spacecraft Exploration Flight Test-1 launch.

The program is being put on by NASA Social, who partners NASA with Social Media users like me! On December 3, our group will get a tour of JSC, including the current and historic Mission Controls. JSC is where our astronauts train for their missions, including the Neutral Buoyancy Pool you might have seen in movies like "Armageddon." There, astronauts get to experience weightless simulation in the pool, with full mock-ups of the Space Station components they work on while on EVA's.

Not as much seen are the full-scale mock-ups of NASA hardware like parts of the International Space Station. And, great for us attendees, a full-scale mock-up of the Orion Spacecraft. That should be especially cool!

Another great benefit is that we will get to talk to Orion engineers, managers and also NASA astronauts! I am hoping to get lots of great information, and pass it along to you via photos, videos, and blog posts and tweets.

Three weeks to go! Stay tuned.

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