Monday, July 21, 2014

Vegas Travel Tips! (Part 1)

I got home last week from a crazy four-week road trip that took me across the American West, including Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Utah, Arizona and New Mexico.

So, yeah, there was LOTS of laundry to do when I got back! Anyway, I have been starting to think of the takeaways from the trip. I'll start with Las Vegas. It was featured in tonight's "Food Network Star." So, anyway... [smile]

The first thing was, Vegas is hot. How hot? Very hot! The dry heat thing? Yeah, it might help up to 100 degrees Fahrenheit. After that? Not so much! And, I happened to be there when it was the hottest of that period, meaning 110+. Wow! Toasty. I mean, for heaven's sake, it didn't get not-super-oppressive until about midnight each night. Nuts!

Anyway, having my own car meant a lot at times. On the road, you come across lots of processed food. And, over four weeks, that's just too much! So, what I found was that it is good to use local resources. And, your mini fridge! Now, that would be if I had a mini fridge where I was staying. I use Priceline, which can be good. But, it's a crap shoot (in Vegas especially!). I used their "Express Deals" and got the Holiday Inn Express for about half what others were paying. But, there was no mini fridge. Unless you were actually willing to pay $15/day to have one (if they weren't already taken!). But! I had my own Coleman cooler on wheels. Yes! It is like a small carry-on bag, with a handle and everything.

It has a food-grade inner plastic container with hand holds. So, you can pull it out and clean it as needed. I cool the cooler with gallon-size Ziploc freezer bags. I fill each with ice from the hotel where I am staying. I placed two filled bags in the bottom, put my food in next, and put another filled bag on top. It works well for me!

So, what to put into it? Well, after all that processed food, I sought out the local Whole Foods. I was already on the southwest side of the strip. And, the Whole Foods, which got featured in last night's "Food Network Star," was fairly nearby. It is actually about 1/2 mile south of the famous "Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas" sign on Las Vegas Blvd. The sign is at the south end of the strip. The shopping center where Whole Foods is in is called Towne Square, which also has a Fleming's and a Bonefish Grille. The center is easy to get to by car, or by bus, which has a stop on the city's bus line.

I got a bunch of organic carrots, a few apples and oranges, a fresh sandwich from their deli counter, a bottle of wheat beer, and of course, a specially-printed Las Vegas Whole Foods reusable bag!

It all worked very well. I recommend seeking out fresh food where you can where you're going to. I know that many may not have the time on every trip. But, if you do, I say do it!

Lots more to talk about in Vegas. And, I will next time!

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