Friday, September 13, 2013

"Rush" Film Review!

Trailer: "Rush" Featurette - Universal Pictures

SPOILERS: This featurette, and the trailers, have quite a few spoilers! I recommend seeing the film without seeing the plot details ahead of time.

Excellent race film! But, much more than that, a great portrait of two very determined men, driven by their goals, and by their rivalry. Ron Howard directs, and has clearly excelled with docudramas, and does so again here, as he did with "Apollo 13." The acting, directing, script (by the excellent Peter Morgan), cinematography and film score are all right on the money! This isn't just for race fans (although I am one!). It is for anyone who is captivated by excellent drama and action. Ron Howard has pulled off a great film, and should be commended!

I recommend that you see the film in a good auditorium! The widescreen (Cinemascope) images are great! And, seeing the action on a nice screen will properly immerse you in the experience.

"Rush" will be released on September 27.

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