Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Orci to Direct "Trek 3" WTF?!

Story: Roberto Orci to Direct "Star Trek 3" - Variety

OMG! This is one of those stories that sounds like something from The Onion! Are we being @#$%ed with? It feels that way!

So, "The Decider," who tore into Trek fans, co-wrote the Trek film that has been rated by Trek fans as the worst ever, and hasn't ever directed anything, ever!, is somehow chosen to direct "Trek 3."

Are. You. @#$%ing kidding me?!

Paramount is officially telling all Trek fans to go @#$% themselves! Trek is dead, and has been for quite a while. We should just let it rest in peace and ignore any more @#$% that Paramount cranks out.

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