Tuesday, January 7, 2014

I Feel Sorry for Michael Bay!

Story: Michael Bay implodes at Samsung's CES Press Conference - Cnet

I personally feel sorry for Bay. He doesn't endorse stuff, I don't think, ever! And, he was very obviously nervous. This was definitely a major presentation, and honestly, Samsung doesn't have a working teleprompter? Honestly? At the very least, they should have had back up cue cards or something.

And, while Michael wasn't ready to ad lib, the Samsung guy seemed completely oblivious. Being in his corner office probably means he rarely has to deal with human beings! ;-)

So, the guy doesn't even seem to pick up on what everyone else could so easily, that Michael was really nervous and needed the prompter to feel comfortable. The Samsung guy could have easily taken charge and said, "Hey, that's okay. I can talk about the TV," and just give Michael questions on movie making, get him into conversational mode.

Samsung really screwed up on this one! Also, these corporate executive guys want to be on stage so badly, especially when they have little charisma or ability to communicate well. So, if anyone is to be ridiculed, it's Samsung. They have this bad teleprompter, no back up, and an executive on stage who can't adapt to the situation.

p.s. I am definitely not a major Michael Bay fan! Just on a human level, I feel sorry for him getting flack for Samsung's screw up.

But, there is this video that finds Michael in better form!:

Video: Michael Bay Presents Explosions! - Robot Chicken

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